The Commonwealth Climate Change Authority has released an issues paper on government recommendations for 2035 emissions reductions targets for public consultation. In August, the authority will submit its review of the potential technology transition and emission pathways that best support Australia’s transition to net zero emissions by 2050 – for electricity and energy, transport, industry and waste, agriculture and land, resources, and the built environment. This review will inform the development of the government’s Net Zero by 2050 Plan

TfA Project Group have over 25 years’ experience in fuel storage and distribution infrastructure including biofuels, electric vehicle charging and hydrogen. This combination of experience enables TfA to offer a unique insight into the Transport liquid fuels sector and the potential implementation of electric vehicles, hydrogen and sustainable liquid fuels into existing infrastructure. Over the last 18 months we have released white papers on electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles and renewable liquid fuels which can be downloaded from our website.

TfA have made a submission detailing the key role that renewable fuels must play in order to meet Net Zero in the Transport sector. The submission can be accessed here.

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