TfA has extensive experience with pipelines covering:

  • Concept design, alignment & service location
  • Planning & statutory approvals
  • Detailed design
  • Construction & QA/QC Management
  • Risk and integrity management, operations and maintenance

Our involvement includes design and operation of pipeline associated infrastructure, including ship unloading facilities, fire systems, pig launching, switching and receiving stations, water draw systems, remote monitoring instrumentation and manifold systems for pipelines.

TfA’s design of your pipeline will be supported by hydraulic, surge and stress analysis to ensure your desired transfer rates are achieved and maintained.

Prior experience of TfA personnel as Shore Officers for major oil companies ensures your dockline system will be safe and operable.

TfA has designed and commissioned pipelines aboveground, underground, in marine environments and in the heat of the Australian desert. TfA’s construction management calls on experience with complex service crossings, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), tunnel boring, trenching, pipe supports for fluctuating foundations, cathodic protection, surface coating, materials selection and welding procedures, to ensure the longevity of your installation.

Whatever product you need to transfer, TfA has done it before. TfA has experience with petrochemicals from bitumen, which requires thermal stress analysis, insulation and heat tracing design expertise, to volatile gasoline and high water risk product like aviation fuel; corrosive chemicals, both acidic and alkaline; to bio-ethanol, molasses, bio-diesel, water and most products in between.

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