TFA Project Group is one of Australia’s most experienced teams in the delivery of biomass co-generation (combined steam and electricity generation) plants, integrated with a biofuels facility.

TfA have conducted a number of feasibility studies and progressed designs, where we integrated biofuels facilities with cogeneration plants, firing on biomass. TfA has worked with feedstock varying from biogas, to bagasse or distiller’s grains. An integrated bio-refinery design, where potential waste streams are converted to revenue streams, ensures your project’s economic and environmental sustainability.

TFA have been engaged on numerous occasions to progress the design and layout of bio-digestion facilities. Projects have taken us throughout the world investigating technology providers for bio-digestion of various input streams into biogas.  TfA have conducted a number of feasibility studies, where we investigated integrated biofuels facilities, digesting wet distiller’s grains or manure generated from feedlots, to produce biogas. The biogas is then available for co-generation, reducing process steam and electricity operating costs, and providing additional revenue streams through green electricity available for export.

Having been involved in the design of biofuel plants, TfA is proudly recognised as Australia’s experts to successfully augment your biofuels facility with bio-digestion.

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