We can take your project from concept to reality.

Our “one stop shop” provides our clients with the expertise they need to deliver projects from concept design to commissioning and handover.

Our professional team works hard to deliver clients a stress-free and timely project. We minimise costs through smart engineering design and personalised project management to ensure that your investment starts working for you early.

We are fuel industry specialists with both service station and bulk fuel terminals expertise.

Town Planning and Approvals   Having the necessary town planning expertise allows the project to be planned and assessed in accordance with relevant Local and State regulatory requirements. Considering the environment that the projects are developed in, it is imperative that pre-planning is correct.

Complete Design Service  Our complete engineering and design service comprises: civil, mechanical, structural, hydraulic, electrical, fire and process. From site planning and concept design through to detailed design and As Builts, the entire process is handled within the TFA Group operations. 3D design modelling, 3D Bentley AutoPlant modelling, AutoTurn vehicle movement analysis, sophisticated piping analysis, hazardous zone electrical design, facility compliance assessment along with experienced Hazop facilitators ensures the right outcome.

Dangerous Goods, Compliance Auditing, Hazardous Area Classification and Risk Assessment:  TfA are experts in Dangerous Goods facility design and compliance auditing having performed National compliance audits for a number of clients across various industries. We have extensive experience in Hazardous Area classification and also provide risk assessment and HAZOP facilitation services.

Project Management  Projects delivered on time, to a high quality and within budget is the framework to which we work. TFA have a proven track record of expediting projects across all sectors of the downstream oil industry. Completion of the project executive plan provides the basis for the management process. Attention to detail ensures the implementation process is seamless. Project Management on-line reporting ensures all stake holders are constantly up to date with progress and delivery.  We provide project tendering and evaluation, contract management, critical quality site inspections, commissioning and operational documentation and support. Again the entire process is reported on-line and live to all stakeholders.



Our Capabilities

Project Management

At TfA we understand that time is money and that saving time when implementing a project means that our clients start earning a return on their investment earlier

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Design Documentation

Our own in-house design and drafting team work with you to realise your conceptual vision. We then produce accurate engineering and construction drawings including fuel systems, building design, mechanical, civil/structural,…

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Town Planning

  TFA Project Group is equipped with the necessary town planning expertise to prepare and manage Development Applications throughout the planning process. We offer an experienced national planning and approval…

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With our strong in-house engineering team, TFA provides detailed design services for a broad range of projects. TFA’s people have diverse career experiences with many starting their careers in oil…

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Construction Management

We provide full-time or part-time on-site construction supervision, supported by our in-house design and engineering teams throughout the construction phase. Our construction supervisors are accredited in accordance with project requirements,…

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Dangerous Goods Consultants

TfA Project Group are experts in Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods facility design and compliance auditing, having performed national compliance audits for a number of clients across various industries. Several…

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Our Capabilities

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