With 175 billion litres (BL) of production per year and hundreds of plants in operation, biofuels represent 3.6% of the world liquid fuels market. Whilst the IEA Net Zero by 2050 Roadmap predicts the continued expansion of biofuels and sustainable liquid fuels through to 2050 and beyond, the industry has yet to achieve its full potential in Australia with a widespread perception that we do not have sufficient renewable feedstocks to support substantial growth in the industry.

In Part 3 of Low Emissions Vehicles, An Australian Perspective we review Australia’s potential feedstocks and the technologies to produce enough sustainable liquid fuels to facilitate further growth. The results challenge a number of these perceptions.

Part 3 explores:

  • The feasibility of transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable liquid fuels
  • Demand for liquid fuel in the transportation sector
  • The range of viable technologies for producing sustainable liquid fuels
  • Opportunities for manufacturing sustainable liquid fuels in Australia
  • The challenges facing the commercialisation of biofuels in Australia

To download Part 3 of the paper, click here.

Part 1 of our paper was released in March 2022 and focuses on electric and hybrid vehicles and the important considerations that will be necessary to accommodation a changing fuel industry landscape in Australia.  Part 1 of the paper can be accessed here

Part 2 of our paper was released in November 2022 and presents some of the key considerations and challenges to assess when preparing strategies and planning for hydrogen developments. Part 2 of Low Emissions Vehicles, An Australian Perspective can be downloaded here.

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