Green hydrogen offers huge potential to help Australia decarbonise. However, the production of green hydrogen requires significant supplies of renewable electricity. There are not only many competing uses for green hydrogen, but also for new renewable electricity assets that may influence the role hydrogen plays in reducing transport emissions within the timeframe of net zero by 2050.

We have just released Part 2 of our White Paper: Low Emissions Vehicles, An Australian Perspective.  This paper presents some of the key considerations and challenges to assess when preparing strategies and planning for hydrogen developments.

Part 2 explores:

  • How hydrogen can be and is being used
  • The potential for hydrogen to be utilised in transport
  • The infrastructure required to expand hydrogen usage
  • The possibility of retrofitting service stations to accommodate hydrogen

To download Part 2 of the White Paper, click here.

Part 1 of our paper was released in March 2022 and focuses on electric and hybrid vehicles and the important considerations that will be necessary to accommodation a changing fuel industry landscape in Australia.  Part 1 of the paper can be accessed here

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